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How did we do it, the only dry and sunny day in Aug! I’ll let you into a secret, we were just lucky.

The sun shone, the crowds were out and everybody enjoyed themselves.

We had athletic games for the kids (Portobello’s answer to the Beijing Olympics).

Then there was Mrs Benz dressing-up tent, where children dressed up and had their photo taken which was yet again a popular attraction together with the massage tent which provided welcome relief to the tired muscles of visitors to the Porty Picnic.

What a Sandcastle competition we had, there were more categories than grains of sand and the music and dance entertainment was an excellent mix of different styles from our very own community, boy did they warm up the crowd on an already hot sunny day.

Let’s hope that we can get together for next year and enjoy another family fun day with the community.

Porty Picnic Sunday

24th Aug 2008