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We want to give a platform and profile to the many creative and talented people who stay in the area and to work towards exploring the possibilities for action - environmental, cultural, campaigning and social - that will lead to the development of our local community. We want to explore the ways in which we can all work together - using our creative skills and stimulated by creativity.

POD was formed in May 2003 after like-minded people got together to explore bringing the acclaimed Edinburgh Festival Fringe to the local area.

Portobello has a true feeling of community - we feel it should be cherished and developed and that the area needs to be improved and given a higher profile. All our activities will be dependent on the success we have in obtaining funding and resources via grant applications, sponsorship, donations and support from volunteers from the community.

The partnership aims to involve the talents and interests of local people. We would like to produce events, classes and social opportunities; drawing from aspects of culture - all cultures - using such forms as art, theatre, music, writing, dance; to name a few.